Reviving '86 D150

Hey all! My grandfather purchased a new, D-150 back in 1986 from a dealer. Growing up he said it would be mine when he passed away. Well, unfortunately it is now mine and im finally starting to get to making her run again. It has been sitting for about 10 years. He had done a little work to it here and there but its not in best shape…definetly a project.

So to start- ive got it running a bit but my biggest issues now are alternator belt and transmission.

Alternator is making loud screeching and eating the belts off quick. I replaced alternator but still same issues. Not sure if he had it set up factory or not. New alternator has 2 pulley grooves and the one I replaced had one. Its charging well, but the new belts will start making noise after a few miles and eventually break within a day of test driving.

Transmission is terrible. Making a huge clunk from park into drive, and lesser from park into reverse at low rpm. Going into gears driving hard shifts badly. Used some lucas trans but it didnt seem to help. Sometimes it will kindof go back and forth from 1-2 on a change. If rpms are high it wi slip and do anything from not shift to a hard shift. Lower rpms will seem to get stuck betwen gears. Sometimes it makes a terrible clunk grind clunk for 3 or 4 seconds from park to drive. Aounds like theres sockets in a metal drum rolling around loudly.

Ill get pics and update as I go if I get some feesback. Hope I came to a good place for help. Its a weekend project truck for sure. But more than the dollar value its sentimental value is high. I want to make her nice and solid eventuallly. Gonna be my sons truck one day as well. Thanks beforehand.

Have you changed all the fluids (oil, trans, radiator, differential, brake, etc.)?

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I really hope you don’t mean when is first starts driving . This thing has almost zero safety features .
I think the first step is to inspect it for rust on the frame and suspension parts . If there is rust then the cost will be through the roof.


Trans. Oil. Radiator flush. Power steering. I was hoping power steering fluid was low or old but with new + lucas still no help there. Only driving it on 5 mile test runs at 45 max out in the country where I live.

Theres rust on most, not very deep or damaging . pretty sure all framework is solid. Suspension im not looked into greatly. Live in TN so its not auper harsh environment as far as winter road salt or ocean weathering. I am not too worried about costs really. This is a long term project. My son is only 8 now so I got a few years. It wont be a daily driver , its a family heirloom thay my dad worked with his dad on, and my dad and me on. Just trying to get a good mindset on where she stands. Probably will eventually replace a whole lot" if not everhthing. Its not really the destination but the journey with this project. Money isnt a problem overall.ill get some pics up in a bit.

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Breaks not yet but i think one of the last things done was breaks. Still on my todo list for sure. Engine runs well so far.

But have the brakes been done ?

Not sure. He mentioned it before passing. They work great ill take a look. Adding to the todo list either way. Gotta replace tires anyways. Going to find some better rims so ill do all that in one section I think.

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If you have all of the hub caps I would repaint the wheels and keep the classic look.


looks nice. It seems that You’re in for a fun and long lasting relationship with “her”. Just remember, during the rebuild, to be lazy. Which means: do it right - the first time. And always be focused on safety.
I wish You luck and joy with the job. Some updates on Your progress would be nice.


The alternator belt appears to be too narrow, it is too deep in the pulleys.


I think @Nevada_545 has it - compare how the two belts sit in their pulleys.

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Rockauto lists several D150 alternator belts with a 13/32" width - how wide is yours?

Cool truck and a great project. Is it possible you’re supposed to use the outside groove on the alternator pulley? Or does it line up better with the inside pulley that it’s on? It’s hard to tell from pics, but the belt needs to be as straight as possible from pulley to pulley.

Transmission problems…I have no input. I hate auto trans issues. Generally winds up with a rebuild when I have trans issues…