Goodyear Eagle GT a reasonable tire choice?

looking for economical choice to replace original equip. 235/45/R17 rating 93W

Do some checking at

Even if you don’t buy from them you can learn a lot by reading their test reports and customer reviews of various tires.

There are lots of options, and everyone has a favorite.

If you are looking for an all-season in your (ultra high) performance size but economical its a decent choice.

Certainly the Goodyear is a reasonable choice. I’m using Yokohama Avid H4s tires, like 'em, they also have an Avid W4s version, both for about the same $$ as the Goodyears. They’re on my ES300. You might get some additional wear from the H4s, 500 vs 400 tread wear rating, but that’s very approximate.

For good performance/price I would recommend the BF Goodrich G Force Sports. They are reasonably priced and offer superior performance to the rather unexceptional Eagle GTs.