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Replacing just two tires: Can they be different rating?

I need two new tires for my 1999 Lexus ES300. I wanted to match the same brand and rating as my rear tires that still have a lot of tread (Goodyear 205/65-15 92H) but I can’t find any H rated tires in town. Only V. Is it better to go with another non-matching brand of H-rated tires, or the same brand, but V rated for the new ones? (I’m also curious if anyone can vouch for the Diamond Back brand)

What model Goodyear? If it’s the same model, just V rated, I’d go with that.

Goodyear Eagle GT

I would think there is no problem mixing H and V rated Goodyear Eagle GTs, as long as you keep the Hs on one axle and the Vs on the other.

They just modernized the tire, as long as you keep it within the specs of an H rated tire for the 2 you have, you are fine.

Thanks Texases and realbinky.
Realbinky: Are you saying that they just modernized the Eagle GT and the H rated is no longer available? So as long as I keep it 205/65-15 92… that the 92V is OK? Just making sure that I understand what you meant

Brand is irrelevant.

If the tires still exist most decent tire places can have the tires on site within 1-3 days.

I have never found tires in stock for my Subaru’s but all the places got the tires within 1-2 days of me going in or calling.

Andrew: Are you saying that it’s fine to have two GoodYears and two Diamond Backs as long as they are both H rated? I’m trying to discern if it’s more important to have the same brand and model, or if it’s more important to have the same rating on front and back axles.

The front tyres don’t need to match the rear, but remember that the best tyres belong on the rear.

Yea, that is what I wrote: The best tyres go on the rear. It is safer in an emergency situation. You really don’t want to have the back end loose grip and you end up looking where you have been and not where you are going.

I purchased a set of Chinese made Diamond Backs with some trepidation but I’m very happy with them…As you may have discovered, tire prices have exploded. Tire prices must not be counted when they compute the inflation numbers…If you care about crisp, balanced handling, I would buy 4 tires not 2…

Have you looked online for the tires? If you don’t need the tires yesterday, a place like or discount tire can be a good place to look.

Just to second andrew_j’s comment, if the tire still exists, go to a local independent tire shop and they’ll be able to get it for you within 1-3 days.

Other things being equal, it is more important to have the same design (model) tire. The rating is uninportant for tires with the same design.

Ideally, I agree. Just a bit out of the budget right now, and the rear tires have great tread. Not sure how I let them get so unbalanced between the front and rear, but I did.

Thanks for the great tips everyone. I have some head scratching to do! (Several major tire sources…, Wal Mart, Sears and Performance Plus…are unable to get the H rated GoodYear tires any more, so I assume that they don’t make them any more)