Goodyear Eagle RSA or RS-A

I drive an economy sedan with 15" wheels.

Goodyear Eagle used to be a mid to high price tire. There seems to be some good buys on Eagle RSA (I.E. $71.00 and lower).

Does anyone know why these are priced so low? They are rated just 260 UTQG–which is low but I read this is by manufacturer and does not mean that much.


If you drive normally then the tires should wear well. Goodyear makes a good product and at $71 a pop you can’t really go wrong. Keep them properly rotated and they should last even longer.

These are “performance” tires, V rated, and they tend to wear quickly, hence the 260 tread-wear, which is poor. They also may be being discontinued, and have been marked down to move them out.

On an economy sedan, you want tires with a treadwear of 450 or better…An S, T, or H speed rating is all you need…

These are worthless in the snow. My 2010 Forte came with RSAs, they turn into hockey pucks in cold weather, so even dry winter days are poor. I can’t wait for them to wear out so I can replace them. Go to and research better tire options. Don’t have to buy there, but you can research at least.

These tires are factory tires for several makes and models. As such, they’re usually poor quality and their handling isn’t worth a darn.

I know there are some Chinese made Goodyear tires. I suspect I have a set the way they are wearing out but good luck finding out where yours are made.

Go to, find you size tires, then compare the different models for price and performance. You should be able to do better than the RSAs, it sounds.

I took a look, the RSA’s are just about the lowest rated tires there. Lots of tires with higher ratings and much higher treadwear ratings.

I have 195/60R15 tires on my Chevy Cobalt. I put Yokohama Avid Touring S tires on my wife’s Sienna last year and they’re reasonably priced in the Cobalt’s size (~$58) at Tirerack. I think it would be a much better all around tire than the RSA. I’m also considering BF Goodrich Traction TAs. There are plenty of tires in this size at The tires on the Sienna are from Tirerack.

I purchased my '10 Forte EX in August and it came standard with Hankook/P195/65R15(89T)/Optimo H426/. Sweltering hot weather or freezing cold – BTW, I live in suburban Philly – these tires have perform quite well. They, too, sell for about $70 each but the low price is surely not due to substandard construction or performance. Forget the Eagles and go for the Hankook. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

My daughter had a set on her old Mitsubishi and they were pretty lousy tires. Traction wasn’t that great, hydroplaned horribly, and thanks to a short life span the car got a better set of tires.

(And the ones on her Mitsubishi were also 195/60/15s)

You would be better off with some Kumhos, Bridgestones, etc. and they’re not that much, if any, higher in price.

This may be why?
Goodyear eagle RS-A Tires that I purchased Sept. 2010 have bulges on the side wall in the exact same spot as indicated by the lettering on the side of the tires. Goodyear service said it was because the tires hit potholes and they would not cover on the warranty.reading on the net indicates that this is not a new problem. Don’t make the same mistake I did.Don’t buy them.
No wonder they didn’t offer road hazard. Goodyear must be training their service manager on the three step approach to tire problems.

  1. blame the road. 2. blame the car 3. blame the driver. This is my second incident with Goodyear tires. I had all ready purchased these tires when the first problem occurred .