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Lexus RX 350 40,000miles garage kept well taken care of, need a good product for maintaining the leather seats(some perforation holes). Decided to keep it for awhile and want to do interior.

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Define perforation holes. Are these part of the upholstery from the factory or are they holes caused by age / wear of the leather?
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You tube will have all kinds of detailing videos. Actually the auto section at Wally World will have almost anything you need. The really good web site is Auto Geek.

When I owned my Lexus, I used a few different products but found that Griot’s Leather Care was the best for the perforated leather. Although it is a little bit viscous (not so much gooey as thick), it does not plug up the holes at all. Before applying, I would use Griot’s interior cleaner first, then a good wipe with a damp cloth. My leather was white (Alabaster in Lexus-speak) and it was in a convertible. The before and after look was dramatic when I would do the treatment late fall. The grime on the white shop rags I used was impressive. The Griots leather care can be felt on the seats for about a week after you put it on, but don’t worry, that eventually goes away. It feels sort of slippery until it cures or whatever. This image is from a BestRide story I did about convertible care. I have no affiliation with Griots and have never accepted anything of value from the company (not even a free sample).

ps - I owned a 2011 RX350 at one time and it is still owned by a person I sometimes see. The leather has held up very well over the seven or so years in that vehicle. Sorry, no picture of that one.

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Perforated (the little holes) leather wants a liquid product and NOT a creme. If you use the creme, it will fill the holes, look awful and be really tough to clean out. Personal experience!!

There are a number of products in a pump spray bottle that can be applied to a microfiber cloth and THEN wiped on the leather. That nearly eliminates any mess in the perforations.


factory seats

factory holes

Whatever product(s) you decide to try, I’d recommend trying them on a discreet area before going gung-ho with them.

Leatherique. It’s the best. Follow the directions, and do it on a good and hot summer day.

thanks, makes sense