Newer model > miles VS Older model <miles

I am looking at buying a 2007 to 2009 Honda CRV. I can get a 2009 model with 100,000 miles for about the same price as a 2007 with 65,000 miles. Any advice on which way to go if everything else is about the same? From the Carfax info it looks like the '09 was corporate owned and the other privately owned. Thanks

I would go with the CRV that’s in the best condition with a documented history of maintenance. Condition, condition, condition is for the automotive world like location, location, location is for the real estate world. Have them both inspected by a third party mechanic that you trust. I try to go with mileage over age but that does not always work out. If the 2007 is a better vehicle than the 2009 then I would go that route.


The CRV’s hold their value very well. Check the price of a new one too, esp if financing. The price/payment difference might not be worth the risk of buying a used one.

Which one is in the best condition (that is has had all the recommended maintenance and not been abused?

If you are willing to pay the price, you should be able to find a mechanic that can examine your choices and report back to you.  Yea, you will need to pay the cost of the mechanic, but that is only fair.

I’ll echo galant’s post.
Pay a little bit more for piece of mind and not buy someone else’s hassle.