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I have no idea how many miles my car has because the odometer broke 5 years ago. However, I’m certain its over 200,000. I’ve changed the fuel pump about 50,000 miles ago. I know I need an oil change? What could this problem be, usually the old girl runs like a champ. Could you please offer me some suggestions as where to start?

What problem are you wanting help with?

  1. Some problem that you didn’t state above, and that we couldn’t possibly guess?

  2. The broken odometer?

  3. Why you need to change the oil?

  4. Why the car usually runs well?

I’m sorry about the confusion. I would like an idea of why it started sputtering after starting. I know the odometer is hopeless until I change the engine. I included the information about the oil because I was wondering if that could be causing the sputtering. Also, I suspect the fuel injectors could be done for.

While “sputtering” is much more information than the none that you gave before, it still isn’t quite enough for me. Could you add some detail?

Is it only making a sputtering sound?
Is there any shaking or vibration associated with this sputtering?
Is it misfiring?
Do you have a power loss when this happens?
Does it stall, or seem like it might stall?
When were the plugs and wires last changed?
What was the symptom when the fuel pump was changed? Was the fuel filter changed too?
What makes you suspect problems with the fuel injectors?

Why do you think that the odometer problem is linked to the engine?