Good volvo mechanic in denver, co

can anybody recommend one?

If you supply a decent craft beer, maybe Craig58 will do it.

I hope you find a good mechanic. We have a lot of Volvos in central Maine. Mechanics for older Volvos only have to work from May through October. Any other time, the old ones around here are parked. Half of them are running now. I guess they’re too good to fully get rid of.

I’ll try to remember to ask my benz guy who he would recommend for volvos (I need to see him tomorrow anyway). I’m sure he knows most of the other good repair shops in town.

Many years ago I used Lakewood Imports, on Simms. Don’t know if they’re still around.

Thank you, I’ll check Lakewood Imports out.

Still need to find good shop, my volvo is s40 2003, seriveced for 5 years at the dealer… runs well for the most part.

Thanks, I found a shop–will post feedback after the service is done

Did you try the Mechan-X link on this site? Readers provide recommendations for mechanics there.

I’ll do that, thank you.