Volvo Gss Milleage


I love your Car Talk and listen to it every week, well, almost every week.

I have 91 Volvo SE (4 door, turbo, with 150,000 miles) and very well maintained.

I am getting 15-18 miles/gallon on freeway!

I think this is terribly low and I feel guilty for causing air pollution and sending our $$$ to those guys walking around with lots of gas! and funding them to come and bomb us. It really bothers me.

I think about two years ago I was getting 21-22 miles/gallon. With no obvious symptoms, engine started dying every time I cam to stop singe.

My Volvo specialist mechanic whom I trust very much changed a lot of things in my car. Catalytic converter; air mass meter; among other stuff. Now car runs well, but gas mileage is problem.

My mechanic is out of ideas as what is problem.

Any thought? Any suggestions?

Thank you.


I would guess plugs and wires were already replaced.

The most usual problem with low mileage is not the car, but the driver. If you have a heavy foot, it will take a toll. Also you should expect a hit due to winter mix fuels.

So about the engine stopping: More details please. Does it do it every time; does it just go dead like turning the key off or does it chug a few times. Any addition information can help.