Good news for EV and plug-in hybrid owners

That’s like ford and GM having their own gas stations. Tesla electricity. Nothing but the best. Would the fed govt frown on that? We could end up with only Tesla charging stations.

Tesla only uses organic, gluten free, free range, grass fed, electricity.


I heard some Tesla owners complaining about this on the radio-news today, saying they paid big $$ for their Tesla, so they shouldn’t have to wait for a charging station being used by a non-Tesla owner.

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I hope they put a Supercharge station closer to me. I have to drive about 20 minutes on a good day to get to the only close one. There is a close Electrify America station with seven 150kW chargers. That’s acceptable. It uses the CCS protocol and that’s OK too since the Model 3 comes with a CCS adapter.

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We finally got one here mainly after lots of Model 3’s showed up in the area, before that there was destination charging at a couple local hotels.

I wonder if the day will come that I have to drive 20 minutes to get gasoline? I probably won’t be able to drive by then.

Many people who live in rural areas have always had to drive for that length of time–or more–in order to get gasoline.

There is a fairly new Panera 7 miles from my house that has a line-up of 10 Tesla superchargers. Because it is adjacent to the Costco that I patronize, I just might use that charging station in the future, when they become available to non-Teslas.

But, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Costco winds-up installing their own charging stations. They have already instituted a 4% rebate on EV charging–at any location that the car owner chooses–but I think that their rebate policy might be a hint about their upcoming plans.

I just found this:

I’ll check out the 4% rebate. I wouldn’t mind driving to the Costco to recharge. I drive there now to fill up on gas. I’m not sure where they would put the chargers though. The parking lot is crowded as is.

I assume that you have their fee-free Visa card.

I’m not the entrepreneurial type…but it’s crossed my mind that setting up activities, shopping, entertainment, etc. near rows of EV charging stations could be a gold mine. If you’re having to wait more than about 30 minutes to top off a battery, why not offer something for people to buy, consume, enjoy, and spend money on?

Seems to me some stores are already thinking along these lines.

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Tesla has been able to charge at non-Tesla stations. All they need is an adapter. They should shut up!

… which, I believe, is supplied with the car.

I know, we were on an 8600 mile cross country trip about 20 years ago and it was 200 miles from Bishop California to Tonapah Nevada with no gas stations in between. Many ranchers in Nevada travel mostly by small plane but have a pickup with two 55 gallon drums of gas and a transfer pump to go town and back for supplies.

Charging stations are installed in the parking lots of these venues, grocery store, and several food&drink facilities in the same strip mall, you and your car can get loaded at the same time.
I have not seen a “stand alone charging station”.
Sam’s has had EV charging stations for a number of years.

Rarely see any in use.

You don’t even have to be in desolate stretches of Nevada to be distant from gas stations. My brother and SIL live in rural PA and the closest gas station is ~20 minutes away. The closest decent supermarket is 45 minutes away, and the closest hospital is more than 1 hour away.

No, thank you. I will stay where I am in “high cost of living” NJ, rather than move to one of those “deserts”.

That’s what’s happening here. Charging stations are being installed at almost every Mall I know of.

On the Lexus app for my cell phone, I discovered that there are two charging stations at one of my town’s lightly-used public parks. Who knew?

Additionally, my town’s planning and zoning boards have notified all applicants for new commercial construction that their application will not be approved w/o the inclusion of an “appropriate” number of charging stations. A new self-storage facility that was approved will have one charging station, and an apartment complex that is currently under consideration is claiming that they will install a dozen chargers, but the actual number of chargers is still “up in the air” until final approval is granted.

I traded in my “Legend Lime” Mustang for a Black Mustang, now I can no longer use the parking spaces reserved for “Green Vehichles” :frowning:

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