An interesting alliance between Ford & Tesla

Beginning next year, Ford will supply owners of its EVs with an adapter, so that they can use Tesla’s Supercharging Stations. The following year, new Ford EVs will have the same type of connector that Tesla uses, thus eliminating the need for an adapter.

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This is a good thing. GM and other EV builders should be sweating… and on the phone to Elon!

Yes, they should definitely use the phone. Elon’s e-communication method of choice is almost as unstable as he is.


Makes you wonder how that will affect owners who have already installed chargers at home with the “old” plug. Will they need to buy a new home charger or will they be able to get by with just an adapter for the newer vehicles?

It would be a very smart example of good customer relations if Ford offered the owners of their “older” EVs a gratis adapter for Tesla Superchargers, and if they included an adapter for the 2025 (and up…) models allowing them to use the “old” J1772 chargers.

It must be the Tesla network because just about every one of the EV manufacturers support the Combined Charging System (CCS) chargers. Teslas even ship with a CCS adapter, although it’s a low power adapter. Automobile manufacturers that support CCS include BMW, Daimler, FCA, Ford, Jaguar, General Motors, Groupe PSA, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Mazda, [MG, Nissan, Polestar, Renault, Rivian, Tesla, Mahindra, Tata Motors and Volkswagen Group.

Get an adapter. I have a low power CCS adapter that came with my Model 3 and bought a high power CCS adapter that allows for fast CCS charging. Ford might ship their EVs with CCS to Tesla adapters too. BTW, the low power CCS to Tesla adapter will charge with 220 VAC.

My Chevy charger I bought with my Bolt is on a 40 amp circuit with its own breaker and the ability to use either 8 or 12 amp current draw to charge. There is no time difference when selecting the 12 amp draw, so I just keep it at 8, plus the car says there is an increase in fire risk if I choose 12 amps.
Not sure what other manufacturers use, though I have heard Tesla’s can be pretty demanding.