Good maintenance or beat up truck

looking at 2002 bmw x5 3.0. Got full maintenance records from dealer. Shows a lot of work. Leaky trans, leaky ac, leaking front axle, leaky water pump, reported noises and rattles. Now dealer replace front bushings and rear right control arm. With only 60k miles, should be glad it was done and but it knowing all these things are probably not gonna go again or has this car been abused and i could expect more problems? Exterior and interior show wear, cracked speaker grills, scratches and dings on wheels. But nothing major.

Am I to understand that you’re considering buying this vehicle???

Keep looking. This has all the signs of a poorly maintained and/or abused vehicle. Or perhaps a lemon.

Kudos to the dealer for being honest.

Walk away. Too many problems and signs of neglect. Find something else.

Unless they were selling half of the blue book value, I’d look elsewhere.

Thanks all, for the comments. I walked away. I needed to read this. I have been searching for an X5 for a while and learn more and more everytime I get close.

The hunt continues…

Or maybe a dealer who was taking advantage of a really dumb owner. Yea pass on this one.

If you really want an X5, I would suggest that you avoid the '02 model, as those have a “much worse than average” frequency of repair rating from Consumer Reports.

thanks for tip. I am kinda stuck on it. Does it recommend any other years, 01-04?