Should I sell my mini cooper?


My 2004 mini is cute and great to park. It has 38,000 miles. Since it was purchased new, the transmission has been reset three times, the power steering went out while I was driving, the catalytic converter needed replacement, the battery expired and the driver power window stopped working. I get 20 to 24 miles per gallon. I have tried to address this with the dealer and BMW. Am I correct to believe that my car is a type of lemon? Should I be worried that it will continue to bring me no more than trouble?


My 2004 … the transmission has been reset three times, What exactly do you mean it was rest, and why was it reset, and why did the dealer say it needed it three times?

the power steering went out … How why? It does happen.

the catalytic converter needed replacement, Did they figure out why?

the battery expired A battery going out after 3-4 years is normal maintenance.

the driver power window stopped working. … Power windows do seem to do that. Not unusual. It happened on my current car.

You seem to have had more than your share of problems, but have they been taken care of?

Frankly I would not worry. While it often seems otherwise, a number of initial un-related defects as you have had does not mean you are more likely to have any more. Someone will, but most wont.


Yes! You should dump this dog immediately! I’ll give you $500 for it. :wink:

Seriously, it sounds like you’ve had some problems, but nothing terrible. I have mostly the same questions as JEMeehan. What was the cause of the power steering problem? What is with all these transmission resets? What symptom does it cure?


The transmission was reset because the car downshift automatically during and after accelerations; the RPM’s would go up and stay up resulting in a very loud engine noise and bad gas mileage. About the power steering. I don’t know why, but one day when I was driving down through a parking garage, the electrical part of the steering mechanism stopped working and my car felt like a semi-truck to steer.


Has the transmission thing recurred recently, or have they cured it? I would think they would have a firmware upgrade for this that once installed should solve it permanently. Either that or the computer they keep reseting is just bad.

The power steering could just have been a bad electric motor. Not something that fails often. I have an electric power steering pump in my XT6 and I have had to replace brushes in it, but it was 15 years old at the time.


You’ve lodged complaints with the dealer. It may take time, but the problems will likely be fixed. Is all of this warranty work? As much trouble as you’ve had, I’d ask for a free loaner while your car is in the shop, if they don’t offer one already.

As to the lemon issue, I assume that you may want to return it under your local lemon law. It’s probably too late. In Maryland, the same problem must occur at least 6 times during the first two years of ownership to qualify for replacement. Since your car is a 2004, you might be too late. And you certainly have not net the six repeats clause. Check your local law to see what the requirements are. You can google ‘“lemon law” automobile’ and find out.