Used SUV X5 v/s Cayenne

I’m looking at buying an used SUV for use in MInneapolis and the choice is between a 2004 BMW X5 with 112k miles and a 2004 Porsche Cayenne S with 84k miles. I usually drive about 200 miles every month when I visit here. What is my best option? Also, are there any specific issues with either vehicle that tend to pop up around these mileages.

The X5 has occasional failure of the pressure regulation assembly and crankcase ventilation valve. The valve cover gasket may also develop a leak. Each item is less than $1000, including labor. The 2004 Cayenne has no issues. The rare issues for the BMW shouldn’t change your choice. Buy the one that was maintained best. A 7 year old vehicle has had plenty of time to develop neglect-related issues. If they are both is great condition, buy the one you like best. I’m sure that you know they are both very expensive to maintain. Repair costs will be high if there are any problems.

Thanks. The X5 does have more miles on it.

Both are rated ‘average’ to ‘worse than average’ by Consumer Reports, with the Cayenne having problems with ‘engine minor’, ‘transmission minor’, ‘drive system’, ‘electrical system’, ‘climate system’, and ‘audio system’. Both are well used, complex, with lots of systems to give trouble. If you’re wanting someting reliable for occaisional use, a newer CUV for the same price would be preferred.

I was getting my 328i oil changed at my local independent BMW specialist when a woman came in to check on her X5. The owner asked her to sit down and explained that she needed a $7,000 transmission. Her vehicle had 60,000 miles on it. I’ve had many Mercedes, BMWs and Porsches, but all coupe or sedans. If I wanted an SUV, I’d get a RAV4, CRV, Landcruiser, etc. Never a BMW, Porsche or Mercedes, especially one with high mileage. For what those cost, you can get a much better Japanese SUV.

Why not just rent something? No insurance, no maintenance, no parking issues between trips, no wondering if it will start, etc.

Agree with twotone that both are suspect. I’d lower my status seeking expectations and include brands like Toyota and Honda SUVs to give you more of a fighting chance for reliability. You may not want to. In that case, I’d go with the car with the fewer miles and/or the dealer with nicest waiting room where you’ll be spending time waiting for repairs.