Good deal? Nissan Spec V

I’m looking at buying a 2002 Nissan Spec V, 175 hp, 150K miles. He’s asking 5800 obo which seems high to me from what research I’ve done. Any advice on what questions I should ask him when I see the car today? What’s the maximum I should consider offering him on this car if it turns out to be as well taken care of as he says?

According to Edmunds, the car is worth about $2800 if it has every option and needs no repairs. The mileage is extremely high. I don’t think that you should offer him anything. His price is so high that you couldn’t possible buy it. You might offer him $2300 and when he starts screaming, tell him your offer stands and to call you when no one else bites. BTW, Edmunds says the mileage is so hight that it shaves $1100 off the price.

That many miles on a Spec V means a lot of hard driving. That car’s probably tired.

Trade in value is around $2800, retail price is around $5200 according to NADA. You can probably expect to pay around $3300-$3800. If it’s a private sale, then you might be able to get for closer to low side of the range.

Good advice “fodaddy” . I might add that in my experience, Nissan products aren’t particularly rust free when driven in high salt use areas. If that’s you, be sure and check door seams, rocker panels etc. for bubbles and don’t be taken in by the often used claim…" oh, that’s just surface rust ".

It’s way overpriced in my opinion. It’s a 10 year old, high miles ho-hum Sentra with a badge.
There are a couple of '02 Spec Vs on eBay right now.
One had 83k miles and priced at 2 grand with no reserve.

The other seller is also delusional at over 9 grand but apparently feels the Fast and Furious look makes it worth that much.
That one is similar to the seller in OK City a few years back who had a generic '81 Buick Regal and was wanting over 11 grand for it based on the fact that he had almost 9 grand in stereo equipment packed into it. It was still a 1500 dollar car at best.

Thanks for all the advice guys. The car actually turned out to be incredibly clean and seemingly well-maintained, although like was mentioned, 150K is a lot of miles to be asking that much on a private sale. I probably won’t follow it up unless he’s willing to come down a lot. Unfortunately he’s not rushing to sell it and he really enjoys the car himself, so I don’t see him reducing his asking price significantly. Thanks again!