Nissan MAX




Thinking of buying 95-maxima-2nd-owner-and-mileage-approx-135k/170212#) . Wondering if it is too old and fairly priced. He was asking 1800 but i am trying to go 1400. Ac compressor but he had problems with something. Needs clips on back windows but motors work. I will post the link. Please tell me I am not crazy?|01||fe3450ffed7f41d55d2a08d85c1f4291|84df9e7fe9f640afb435aaaaaaaaaaaa|1|0|637360636615594714&sdata=9f4tJl9I4rKdy9a1%2B1MuIVctofluRZYeGJBn2rxDqs8%3D&reserved=0



I wouldn’t say it’s too old but to make sure you’re getting a good car an inspection by a trusted mechanic would be worth the $100 or so. Looks like a nice car but you’d want to look it over in person.

Duplicate post . @cdaquila Would you put this with the other one this person has about this .

ok, ty! i will ck it out further.