Comparing Used Cars

Ijust looked at a 2006 Nissan Sentra yesterday that seemed to whine more than the '99 that I have driven for years. Also, the Carfax said that the dealer replaced the fuel pump and I pressed on why they did. They said it was easier to replace the whole pump. In reading comments on Edmunds, people didn’t have much good to say about the '06 Sentra. Nissan is supposed to have a good reputation and I wonder what gives with the car. The dealer was asking 12,900 for a car with 40K and eventually said that $10,500 was possible.

I also looked at a 2006 Elantra that rode well and seemed to be in good condition. They wanted $12,900 for a car with 21K miles and said that they don’t dicker much but could probably do $11,900. I would think that they would have more wiggle room for an '06.

What are your thoughts on each of these. I’m prepared to keep looking if I have to.

Thanks For Your Support

Hey, What about something from the Big 3? They’ve got some really good machines out there!

America, What a country!

When fuel pumps go bad, you replace them. That’s how it works. I wouldn’t worry too much about that. What’s wrong with a new fuel pump?

Both cars have decent reliability. With the prices being so close, I’d give serious consideration to the Elantra with fewer miles. Check the warranties, too. There may still be some left on the Elantra, or at least on the power train.

What are some of the good machines from the Big 3. What about the Ford Focus?