Good car but dead engine - selling options

I have a 1996 Toyota Camry with 110k miles. The car has excellent body, interior and looks. But just few days back my engine died and only option seems to be replacing the engine. I was wondering if anyone knows a good option to sell the car. If I give it to junkyard then I get peanuts for a nice car. Any suggestions?

Why did your engine die? 110k really isnt alot for a toyota.

One place to sell the car as it sits is in your local newspaper or autoshopper under parts/repairable vehicles. Some look for these type of vehicles to repair themselves.

But to be honest, a 96 Camry with blown engine is only worth about $500.00 at the most, no matter the condition.


Agreed. Maybe it just needs a timing belt. Why DID the engine die? You didn’t tell us. If you don’t know, get another opinion.

A Camry should last 250,000 to 300,000 miles.

110,000 miles is barely broken in, or at least it should be, assuming the car has been properly maintained.

Toyota’s are not infallible cars. This cars is 12 years old. Do you really think it could last another 12 years if running?

You may break even with a remanufactured engine, no matter what you do afterwards. Make sure that one of the things you do is get an alignment check. No need to lose the transmission too.

JMHO, but you’ll be lucky to get a couple of hundred bucks for it as it sits. It’s a 12 year old project car at this point.

I’m also curious about why the engine died. A 110k miles is nothing for this car unless the engine was abused or negligence on someone else’s part caused the failure.

thanks for all the replies. The reason why the engine died was not verified. One morning it just stopped on the way. On getting it checked the oil level was found to be very low with some deposits. Can oil change and cleaning help in such cases?

You really need a diagnosis on the engine. It might be better than what you think. You can list the car on for free and see if anybody will buy it. Also try toyotanation forums and see if an enthusiast is looking for more headache.
If everything else on the car is OK, why not put a used engine and keep it?