Replace the engine or junk the car?

I have a 1991 Toyota Camry and it is sitting at the mechanic’s because they say it needs a new engine. Do I replace it or junk it?

I’d junk it, unless it’s in unusually good condition otherwise and you still like driving it.

Why does it need a new engine? I’d get another opinion before making a decision like this.

How many miles on this car, and what’s wrong with the engine? Be as specific as you can.

How many miles one it???

What is the condition of the rest of the vehicle???

The car is at least 17 years old…Unless it’s in great shape with low mileage…it may NOT be worth it.

Sorry! About 250 thousand miles, and the interior is great, but there are some worrisome rust spots on the outside. The mechanic refused to even test drive it because he was worried about a rod shooting through the hood of the car I guess. It is my son’s car - so I am less inclined to pay for it. I drive a 1996 Toyota Carola that I love - so it isn’t hard to junk this other one. But I just want to make sure that junking is the right thing to do (environmental guilt and a little parental guilt).

250k and 17years old the car has lived a long useful life and past it. Junk it. The car will be recycled into something else.

I worked for a BMW Dealer in Switzerland in the 80’s,many cars that did not meet the tough inspection standards were exported to Africa,someone kept on using them,a car like yours (with the “bad” engine) would not qualify for export and used. They got junked but I don’t know where,maybe exported then junked.

The consensus (small but informed!) seems to be that I should junk it - which was my feeling. Thanks everyone for your input! It may also be a great lesson for my son to learn that cars can cost a lot of money. It is sad, but a healthy dose of reality for a 17 year old. What stinks it that he will want my car now!

Good decision. You can’t be ashamed that the car reached 250k miles and 18 years old.

There are very environmentally friendly ways to dispose of a car, and the recycled steel will help us all…