Burned up camry engine

94 Camry–overheated to the point of burning up engine. Body in great shape, new battery, good tires, 110,000 miles. Do I replace the engine or get new car? Would anyone buy it in it’s present condition?

A mechanic or someone with access to a car with a bad body and good engine would buy it. In most of the northern US and Canada a lot of bodies rust out before the motors quit.

If you can find a used motor from a salvage yard perhaps you can keep the costs low enough to switch motors. You’ll have to shop around for estimates and see if any are affordable for you. Most of the car is in good shape except the motor, a salvage yard would buy it for parts.

The value of the car at this point is pretty low, so the only way you’ll get your money back for the cost of the new engine is keep the car for several more years.

Thank you for your quick advice!! Do you have any idea what an engine costs from a salvage yard, or what a salvage yard would pay for parts?