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Value of 2001 Toyota Camry with Seized Engine

I’m looking to sell my 2001 toyota camry, and wanted to find out the value of it. It was in good working condition until a few days ago. A/C, cd player etc all work fine. It has a new battery and two new tires on it. It’s an LE, with just over 133k miles, leather seats, alloy wheels, cd player. It does have a few door dings, and the leather seats are not in perfect condition, but nothing unusual for a 10 year old car. Any help would be appreciated.

Maybe a couple hundred bucks, no more than $1000 or so. You’d make more money parting it out.

List it on your local Craigslist for $1k or best offer. Leave it up there for a week and take down offers and contact info. At the end of the week, take the highest offer you got. Parting it out would certainly make you more money in the long run, but it would take a while and you would have to deal with dismantling the car or having strangers come over to pull parts they want, and if they get hurt doing it, you as the property owner are liable. If you aren’t going to fix it, the easiest way to deal with it is to sell it whole.

With a seized engine and a 133,000 mile chassis it’s pretty much worthless. If you get $500 I’d consider that lucky. Nobody is likely to buy a car that’s dead in the grass with unknown possible problems that cannot be checked out because the car doesn’t drive.

I’ve got a couple of mechanics from the shop we took it to interested in buying it from us - would that change anyone’s opinion on what we should ask for it?

Here’s the thing: If it has a seized engine, I can’t test drive it. That means I’m going to assume that in addition to the engine, it needs a new transmission, brakes, wheel bearings, suspension, and alignment. After I deduct the cost of all of that, you’ll probably owe me money on the sale :wink:

I’d take FoDaddy’s advice. Part it out.

That makes sense, and I understand there’s no way to verify everything, but everything else is in good working condition on the car - it just quit running a couple days ago.

To get a quick number, call a few auto junk/salvage/recycle yards and see what they’ll offer you for it.

Thanks for all your responses, you’ve definitely helped!

This car is worth more than you think!! There are people that make a living rebuilding cars like this with used parts that they usually have an inside source for…Put it on craigslist for first $1000 cash and see what happens. You can always come down. You can never go up…I think you will be amazed at the interest…

Your car has a value of $5500 if running. If you sell it for $1000, that gives the buyer $4500 to work with…A good back-yard mechanic should be able to get it running for $1000 or less with a used engine…A sweet deal…

If you have guys at your regular repair shop interested in it, you will probably get some of your best offers from them since they know the car. They may not be able to offer you much, though, since many mechanics are low paid workers and rely on deals like this to get a nice car. I am still driving a car I got from a customer six years ago for the cost of a tow bill to get it to the shop where I was employed at the time. Repair costs exceeded what they were willing to pay to get it running again, which is seemingly the same boat you’re in.

Donate it to your favorite local charity and take the deduction.

What makes you think he pays any taxes?? Before you can “Take the deduction” you have to pay taxes…For most people, the “Standard Deduction” is always more than you can itemize…

A blown Camry will have surprising buyer interest…