Good Bluetooth Aux Receivers for the car


Hey all. I have a 2011 Audi C6 A6 3.0T that i’m trying to find a good Aux Bluetooth Receiver to be able to play my own music from my phone in the car.

I’ve got an AMI MMI to 3.5mm Aux cable to plug into a bluetooth receiver, but i’m having a tough time trying to pick a decent receiver that has good sound quality.

I’ve already bought a the AUKEY BR-C8 because I saw it recommended on a list, but it doesn’t seem to be the best quality. Treble seems to be too high on some songs, while others the songs seem to distort at even a slightly higher volume.

I’ve done a little research and came across “Hi-Fi”, “DAC & aptX” receivers that are a lot more expensive, but i’m not even sure if these are up to the hype as reviews tend to be mixed.

Can anyone give any recommendations on good bluetooth receivers or explain what makes a good one and what to look out for?

Go to and ask them. They know more about car audio than anyone.

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Yes , Crutchfield or just go to a local vehicle audio shop so you can see and hear something that will do what you want.

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What phone do you have?

If you really want good quality, a wired connection is best. Is that an option or is that too much of a pain?

As for LDAC and aptX, those would probably have better quality, but your phone would have to support it.

If I had to pick a product out of the blue, I’ve been pretty happy with Anker products, so I’d probably try their Soundsync A3352.

I unfortunately can’t use the headphone jack on my phone because i’ve used it so much that it’s having audio issues. Basically where if the jack jiggles the wrong way the connection will be lost. So it’s either i get the headphone jack replaced, which sounds like it’s a bigger pain than it’s worth, or get a good bluetooth receiver.

I don’t have much experience with this, but I see that there are adapters that add a 3.5-mm jack to your charging port, although I have no idea if they work with all phones. Maybe you’ll want to investigate products like the Belkin RockStar Audio + Charge.