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Gomer Pyle

General chat

I started this discussion, I actually registered for this lousy site, just to be able to say I AGREE. No character has ever annoyed me as much as the Gomer Pyle character. Geeze Louise! What an annoying guy and what made them think there is anyone on this planet that could relate to that numb-skull!

Many actors carefully chose the caracter they want to play that yields the most profit for their sometimes limited talents. Will Ferrell annoys me almost as much as Gomer Pyle; our newspaper’s entertainment column rates Ferrel as the most overrated actor alive today, comparing his salary with the box office revenue.

If you met Gomer Pyle in person, however, you might find him a very nice person.

Camille, you’re watching entirely too much retro TV.

Gomer Pyle was a much-beloved character when we watched him in the early '60s. I remember enjoying the show. It was a different world then.

Perhaps a hobby would be a good idea.

“General chat”

IIRC, he was an enlisted man, not an officer.
Perhaps a “Private conversation” would be more appropriate than a General chat.


Limited talents?

And yes, that’s really him singing that.

Dr. Smith in Lost in space annoyed me the most. Gomer was ok, goober was ok, but somehow I have painful memories of Jim Nabor’s Christmas album.

He is an excellent singer, I don’t know what went wrong!

I agree he has a great voice. Ronald Reagan went into politics because he was a less than great actor.

Think of him as a latter day Forrest Gump.

I was drafted into the USMC in 1968 and Gomer had become the moniker for anyone making a stupid mistake while at MCRD San Diego. Neither Pvt Pyle nor Sgt Carter were there, though. But Gunny R.Lee Irmy and a few of his friends were. Full Metal Jacket is much closer to the truth than Gomer.


Drop down and give me 50, Sweet Pea.

FWIW, a reminder of younger days.

I prefer Sgt. Gunny from Full Metal Jacket.

If you think that Jim Nabors’ character Gomer is annoying, check out Goober, also from the Andy Griffith show. And what about the other great annoyances? The 3 Stooges, Earnest, and Adam Sandler come to mind. But there are many others. Oh, yeah… Steve Urkel.

But that’s part of their charm. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it.

I always wondered if he was given very much grief for being an “Irmy” in the Marines.I always thought they were saying “R.Lee Army”

ALL these replies were wonderful.
Thank you. I meant no meanness toward the talented Jim Nabors, and yes, Goober was worse. I haven’t been watching retro TV, I was there, yep, old like Click and Clack. Certainly there are real characters who annoy more, but that’s another conversation. Oh, and Will Ferrel’s elf, you nailed it on that one. All these replies made me laugh out loud. Thanks again for that.

“and yes, Goober was worse.”

A year ago, I had an HVAC contractor install a new furnace and heat pump at my house. The head of the crew looked like and talked like Goober. He was very sincere and polite, was the first to arrive and the last to leave each day. The installation not only looks perfect, but the system performs flawlessly. This man had been with the company for over 20 years. I think we need more ‘Goobers’ on the work force.

The actor who played Goober also played a role in one episode of MAS*H. In this episode, Hawkeye traded places with a doctor from the 8063. This doctor, named Dupre, was played by the same actor that played Goober. The 4077 was glad to get Hawkeye back.

Gomer Pyle U.S.M.C. - Complete Series, Seasons 1-5 is available from Amazon at

Wouldn’t that make a great entry form for Puzzler answers, during the next show?

I know this post is just a little late and know one may ever see it, but like Camille I tried to log on to this site to say my piece about Gomer Pyle, but for some inexplicable reason (technical), I wasn’t able to do that, but it has stuck in my craw ever since. So here it is: Well, Suprize, Suprize, Suprize! Not sure, given radio, which brother was most bothered by the character Gomer Pyle, but I ask you, have they ever heard the expression: Pot, Kettle, Black? Talk about goofy, have you ever heard those guys laughing about their own lame jokes? I think that’s why I like them too (well, that and their mechanical knowlege). My sister and I loved that show and adopted the Phrase, well Suprize, Suprize, Surprize!, as a covert sarcastic commentary on family events. Of course, no one knew what we were referring to, because we were the only ones who watched that show. And thanks to Shadow Fax for giving that wonderful clip of Jim Neighbors’ very real talent. Loved it!