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Tommy's Memory Whatchamacallits

Dear Tommy or whichever of you dudes is not the bigmouth alpha effemimale who won’t let his more intelligent brother speak the truth or whatever sometin, somethin’,

To cure your forgetful like problem, lease stop self medicating for glaucoma. I am treating myself puff by puff for myopia, and, although I don’t care, my memory that thing iike you and huh?

PS: Whatever.

PPS: I appreciate your advice. Why do you dis mine?

All in fun, and stop making me laugh my a…off,


Please go away.

One more time, as all I got is you think tom or ray is gay, and the one who is not gay is smarter, but using cannabis like you for glaucoma, and you were stoned when you wrote this and have a clear concise idea of what you mean to say but what you meant to say got lost, but really enjoy the show, I think one other new poster might disagree about anyone’s ability to enjoy the show But turak is on notice, do you happen to live in Canada?