Golf 5 plus car launcher home screen

Hello everybody!
I just got myself a vehicle (golf 5 plus 2009) and I have a question regarding the default car launcher that my car comes with. It is an android 9.1 version and I want to change the homescreen apps but I can’t figure out how.
I kept pressing buttons, touching the screen, searching in settings and I cannot find anything. I know I should be able to edit it because I can drag apps to the home screen but it says every time that the home screen has no empty space.
Please help me out if you know anything!

I’m in my late sixties. For that reason I’m out. I tried to read my entertainment manual on my car and all I will ever need is the radio and CD player.

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Agree maybe its just us older folks that don’t want or need all of the bells and whistles to me a car is for getting from point A to B for entertainment stay at home with the TV or go out for movies plays dinner and whatever.

Either find the manual and read it, ask on a Golf forum, or drop by a dealer. You may have to do all 3.

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