Buying a second-hand golf little/big issues ? help! :)

Hello I’m on the best way to buy this car
2011 Volkswagen Golf 2.0L 103 TDI Comfortline with 120k km I just saw some “little things” I’m not quite sure what it could be(photo attached) its looks like the trim don’t fit but you can not push it more down…? Is this something to worry about? also the door on the left side front doesn’t make the opening sound… And the window seal is scratching the window, the car is running well no issues here it’s official accident-free. Thanks !

More photos

There are plenty of used cars out there. If this one gives you concern or worry, move on. Keep looking.


Walk away, if things do not fit the frame may be bent. No need to deal with a potential known problem, enough unknown problems will come up.


Right , since you are not in the US as most of the members on this site are I don’t know if you are using Carfax or something like that. Sites like that only have what is reported to them so this could have been repaired from a crash and never reported. Find something that does not have you on the web asking for help.