Going over a curb at a slow speed

I went over a curb driving into a gas station on the left rear side of my 2002 Toyota Camry. Any issues? The car seems okay, but it did “clunk” off the curb-my speed was very slow.

Also, can going over a curb damage the axel bearings? I recently had the rear axel bearings replaced on the same side I hit the curb.

very slow speed should be no prob but it could knock it out of alignment.

I did that in the 1980s in my Rabbit and I damaged the front wheel bearing. But my slow speed and yours might be different. The curb and angle of attack migh be different too. If you hear new, unwelcome noises when you turn sharp corners, suspect the wheel bearing.

I just had the wheel bearing assembly replaced on the side which I went over the curb. Hopefully no damage.

You really need to clip a curb hard to damge your wheel bearing (slide into when snow on ground). Your tire probably absorbed most of the impact. I’d inspect the sidewall and make sure there are no cuts and/or chucnks out of the tire’s sidewall. I think that’s your biggest/most likely place for damage. If your steering wheel seems off, or if you need peace of mind, take it to a reputable shop and have the alignment inspected. It should be done about once a year anyhow. If your wheel is straight, no damge to tires, no noise…I’d say smile, consider yourself lucky, and have a good weekend. Oh, and be careful no to hit any more curbs! :wink:

Slow speed is the key to navigating ALL large bumps, objects, obstacles, and terrain.
Just look at amazing terrain those rock crawling Jeeps go over. And the key there ? slow !