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GM Service Information

Hello everyone, I was looking up TSB’s for that 2004 Impala 3.4 (hard start) and I came across a few that we deal with everyday and I thought it would be good to pass on.

03-06-04-030A Deals with clogged fuel injectors on many different models and GM wants Techs to use a GM Top Engine Cleaner product (after a injector balance test is done.)

04-06-04-051 Says GM does not support anyone elses F.I. cleaning process (naturally)

03-06-04-012A Advises your stalling and other driveability problems may be due to connector issues through out the car. Can you narrow it down a little GM?

02-06-05-004B Warns of aftermarket alarms that tie into the fuel system (for disabling) can cause misfires and damage the cat.

04-06-04-047H GM advises to use Top Tier gas through out its line.

For me I thought the advice from GM to use their Top Engine Cleaner product but not supporting others was of interest.

We do come down pretty hard on shops that sell F.I. cleaning products but this info make me take a step back in that blanket disapproval of the service. Usually it is a definite NO to F.I. cleaning with some wiggle room added “unless your car is showing symptons”. Now we see that GM is acknowleding a fuel injector clogging problem and it is across the board in models affected.

Damage to catalytic converters from alarm installation,that got my attention.

A lot of info can be found in the manufactures Service Information data bases. It is much better than getting your car info over beers.Now other things seem to work out (or at least get major attention) when discussed over beer.