Impala Troubles

I have a 2005 Chevy Impala, 66K miles, in good condition, maintained well. The first startup of the day is fine, but each successive startup becomes “sluggish”,(is how I would describe it), also, it seems to be down on power after these startups as well. Advice?

Time to have the battery and charging system and connections checked. If all is good there next step is starter motor.

I’d Try Adding Some Fuel Injector Cleaner To A Couple Of Tanks Of Gas. Also, GM And Other Manufacturers Recommend The Use Of “Top Tier Detergent Gasoline”.

A search on the internet will find you a list of Top Tier gas brands and you can zero in on stations in your area that dispense Top Tier Gas.

You could have a restricted fuel filter or a fuel pump going bad, but try some fuel injector cleaning as mentioned above and see if anything improves.

If you’ve not had a fuel filter replaced in recent history then you could try that.

Has the “check engine” light come on and stayed on for a while ?


Battery and so forth good; starter motor replaced new two summers ago.

Thanks though.

Didn’t know about the gas brands, I’ll try that; as well as the fuel injector cleaner. Fuel filter hasn’t been replaced for a while, either. Not been having engine light on, and analyzer I have doesn’t show any codes thus far. Thank you for your input.