04 Impala SS

I have a 04 Impala SS (v6)with 43k. The car gauges (fuel/PSI/ and Oil Pressure) spin erratically and the battery warning light comes on and warning bell sounds off (2X). The first time was at road speed the second happened after just driving 1/4 of a mile after sitting all day. . This does not have a negative effect on how the car drives. My dealer replaced the fuel filter last week due to hesitation but they cannot replicate the gauge problem so they say nothing is wrong. A diagnistic was run on the gauges with nothing found. Could it be the Computer or something else electrical. Please advise as my warranty runs out at 45k.

Since you’ve complained to the dealership about the problem within the warranty period, and assuming you have paperwork to prove it (you did get receipt stating the complaint and the diagnostic performed, right?) the problem must be fixed, regardless of whether the warranty is in effect or not when the repairs are done. If the problem keeps recurring, the dealership is still on the hook for the warranty repair.

By the way, it might not be a bad idea to have an independant mechanic check out the items covered under warranty soon, and if any need repaired or replaced, take the mechanics report to your dealership, and have them fix the problems, if any.

This is a long shot, but have your battery checked. The other week my 2000 Blazer started having some problems (higher than normal idle and the torque converter lock up was disabled). I checked the 6 month old battery and it was down to ~12.0 volts (25% charged) and the positive cable had some corrosion. I charged the battery (12.6 volts) with my Battery Tender (trickle charger) and cleaned the cable, since then I’ve had no problems with the Blazer. I did some research on the net, nothing definite, but I found some references to the GM PCM/ECM (computer) being sensitive to voltage, i.e. they start acting up when the supply voltage drops to 11 - 11.5 volts.

Ed B.

Check under the insulating boot on the positive battery terminal, between the terminal rings especially.

Thanks to all who gave advice, the dealer still has the car but they still say nothing is wrong with the car. I am going to go get it and have the battery checked.

This could also be symptomatic of an alternator that is about to die. And, since a failing alternator can lead to a failing battery, and vice-versa, it is very possible that you have problems with both the alternator and the battery.