GM responds

… to Ford’s announcement of doubled electric truck production.

Just what we need, hands free driving while pulling a trailer.

What could go wrong ?


Used to think Toyota was small sedans.
And Chevy was big pickups.
Both have good mix of stuff.
Wonder if segment sales would show more details.

I’ve seen those commercials where the driver takes their hands off the wheel of their GM truck and clap and stomp the rhythm to Queen’s “We Will Rock You”. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

As usual bring out something .5% of people could actually afford .

How about the Mazda e with the 100 mi battery range? Around town car. Still $35k

You forgot the $39,900 work truck, available when the $105,000 truck comes out.

What keeps bothering me on this is the truck clearly resembles an Avalanche…but it’s branded as a Silverado by Chevrolet. Did they pull some Avalanche parts or designs out of the file cabinet?

I still think Ford has a better offering in the Lightning.

Has a midgate like the Avalanche, haul 9ft long objects with the tailgate up.

But how often do folks actually USE that feature? That’s always bothered me about the Avalanche; the whole midget thing is neat and all…but it’s always seemed like a solution in search of a problem to me.

Of course, I may be odd. It apparently doesn’t bother a lot of folks to drive a 4WD SUV back and forth to Walmart every day on paved streets.

ALL the time! I have owned two Avalanches. My current one is an 04. It is the Swiss Army Knife of trucks. Haul 6 passengers or a stack of 12 ft 2x10s or 15 foot sticks of trim or 10 ft sheets of drywall or tow 8500 lbs.

$105k model and $40k model? Who knew a truck could have $65k in options?