? GM passlock problem

I have a 2002 chevy impala. The security light comes on at random times. More obnoxious, at times when the ignition key, nothing will happen. The lights will work, the radio will work, but the car will not start. If you wait 10 minutes the car will start. It seems that a glitch exist. What would be the best course of action

1) have a remote starter installed (will this work since the passlock system should be bypassed) ?

2) have the passlock system disabled, is there a practical way to do this?

3) something else

I would not install a remote starter, they seem to cause many problems of their own. That passlock system seems to have a lot of problems. Disabling it seems to be the fix of choice, but there seems to be a trick or two to disabling it.

I suspect one of our regulars will have some real experience with it and will post a reply real soon. Good Luck

Use the CarTalk search feature or use “google” and you will find plenty about Passlock and options on how to deal with Passlock.

This sounds like one of two things:

  1. The lock assembly may have been damaged, or someone cobbled a repair previously. Lock contains two elecments… a magnet in the lock plug ( the center ) and a field in the housing. This allows the system to detect operation of the lock as the magnet passes from point A to Point B in the housing.

Damage to the lock will cause the cars’ antitheft system to not respond.

Think of this system as an alarm system with a magnetic door contact… just all housed in a car lock instead.

Proper troubleshooting is way better than throwing parts at the problem, since this lock assembly is 171.00 retail, plus keying it to match car key ( we ALWAYS do it like that at City Lock ) and synchronizing the components.

Find a REPUTABLE locksmith, not a Yellow Page or internet scammer…

Jeff Rosen
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I have a 2001 chevy impala with the same problem. Turns out there is no good solution according to the Internet. http://www.carcomplaints.com/Chevrolet/Impala/2001/electrical/engine_wont_turn_over_sometimes.shtml as this website will show you.