'02 Impala 3.4l, 97K: Sudden No Start


Started fine, drove fine 15 minute ride 1st thing in the morning. Sat for about 7 hours. Started fine again, drove fine 15 more minutes. Turned off then wouldn’t restart. Nothing - according to person driving at the time. No click, no nothing. I arrived less than 30 minutes later, car started right up. I then drove the car 25 more miles without any problems.

Car has simple key - not computerized. Also has 6 month old battery (but that couldn’t be the problem). Any ideas. I will be checking for any computer codes in the meantime (driver claimed Check Engine light was ON when car wouldn’t start, but I think this is a normal thing. Light was not ON when I drove the car).


It is the security / passlock problem common for GM cars. I have the same problem with my 02 impala and it normally develops over years. I did some research on internet and seems permanently bypass the passlock system is the best solution. You may want to try some car electronics store to see if they can do the work.