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GM 3.1 Liter Engine Spun Camshaft Bearing

Does anyone know if the camshaft bearing mounts can be line bored and replaced with oversized bearings. 96 Pontiac Gram Am owner let the oil get too old and resulted in the cam bearing tying up a the broke the cam shaft. We have a line boring machine to resurface other blocks but not this particular design. I found 2 junk yard engines, and both of them have the same problem. Can’t seem to locate a source for oversized bearings for this engine nor where it can be bored. Seems to be aa rather common problem and I doubt there are no resolutions other than purchasing a new block, etc. Any susggestions?

Thanks Again

I’ve had three GM’s come in with this same problem. And if the cam bearings spin, the engine’s done. The engine must be replaced.


Tester: An oversized bearing is available for this engine. The question is who makes the line boring machine for this operation or who provides the service? It is hard to imagine with all the 3100 out there with spun cam bearings that there isn’t some way to salvage the situation other than replacement. I am mentally blocking who the bearing manufactures is at the moment, but the one we get most of our bearings from.