1998 hyundai cam

Anyone know if the cam bearings in a 1998 hyundain elantra (4 cyl - I think they were all four cyl) are replaceable or am I looking for a new head?

No they’re not replaceable as there are no cam bearings. The camshaft rotates on machined surfaces on the head itself.


what info are you using to determine that you need a new cam shaft bearing?

What does your Haynes Repair Manual #43010, in the Engine Overhaul section tell you?

What are your symptoms? How did they begin?

I too am curious as to why you suspect you need a new head. The only way I could conceive of these surfaces getting damaged is due to a loss of lubrication, and there are frankly other things such as the main crank bearings and the cylinder walls that will self destruct well before anything else.