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Chevy/GM 3100 engines

Question to “mountain bike” or anyone else?

I have a 96 Pontiac Gran Am with a 3100 engine. Cam shaft broke and the cam bearing or bearings spun. Found 2 boneyard engines and both have spun bearings and 1 has cam also broken. I know that oversized bearing for this model is available but can’t find who has a line boring machine for this particular application. Must be someone out there who run across this? Any suggestions other than another boneyard, remanufactured, or just a plain engine block replacement. Anyone know source of a remanufactured block only?

Thanks, RockyDocky

Most times it is best to “go with the flow”. There are millions of these 3.1 out there.

Is the source of the bearings any help in finding a machine shop?