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Gluing in a spark plug

I have a 1991 Plymouth Acclaim that keeps blowing a spark plug. I had my mechanic insert a helicoil, and it blew out the helicoil (with spark plug) as well. I’m thinking that since the thing has 154000 miles, I’ll just get some PC7 epoxy and glue the whole thing in. Aside from not being able to ever get it out, does this sound like it would work?

It’s been tried and failed. It’s time to consider fixing it right or letting it go. The proper repair now is to remove the cylinder head and letting a machine shop look at it. My guess is you’ll need a replacement head. If you can find a decent one at a salvage yard, this should cost about $2000 to $2500. Do it yourself, and it can be done for less than $1000.

I know the odds are low, but you might want to look for a boneyard replacement engine from which you can use the head. Most boneyards won’t dismantle an engine because it becomes difficult to sell the rest of it, but even of you have to buy the whole thing and pull the head it could still save you cash.

Is there evidence of the piston hitting the ejected plugs?

Does your mechanic know about Timeserts or Bigserts?