Repair Question

I own a 2000 VW Golf. Last week I had a loud blowout and had the car towed to the VW dealer. They said today the #1 sparkplug blew and it will cost a) $1900 to machine the part and fix it b) $3500 to get the car fixed with a new part. Here are my questions: my wife thinks we should get a new car, which we really can’t afford. Does it make sense to fix the Golf for $1900 and ride it for a few more years? Is this spark plug problem a sign of things to come? I bought the car new and have taken care of it well. Is it reasonable to think the $1900 fix will allow for a few more years of safe use? I travel about 30 miles a day highway in the car. Any advise would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Ask that they attempt to repair the sparkplug hole with a SAV-A-THREAD sparkplug hole repair kit. This kit allows repairing the sparkplug hole without removing the head from the engine.



I agree with Tester that this could be easily repaired and I don’t see how they come up with 1900 dollars to do it. More like a hundred or so depending.

Also, it’s possible that the plug blew out due to whoever changed the spark plugs last. If someone got a bit ham-fisted they could easily have overtightened the plugs, pulled the threads a bit, and the weakened threads eventually gave up.
Had the plugs changed recently? Just curious.
If this is the case it might be a good time to revisit the spark plugs and make sure they’re properly torqued and not wrenched in as hard as someone can get them.