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Stripped spark plug hole

I have a 1999 Ford E-250 Van that I use for work. I’m a painter. Recently one of the spark plugs came loose while I was driving. While trying to replace the spark plug myself, I discovered that the threads in the hole were stripped. I have found a couple of repair shops that say they can do it. They both say they can rethread the hole without removing the head and the price is something I am very much willing to pay. The problem is that I’m hearing them say that they can do it but they can’t say for sure that it will work. I think I’m gonna end up paying about $650. I really want to know my chances of this working. Its a good van other than this particular problem. Has anyone had success with this kind of repair? Anyone know of a place that will actually back their work up and put me at ease?

Carquest auto parts sells a kit [similar to heli coils] that contains a 2 stage tap and inserts for the hole. You must use a grease on the tap to collect the metal shavings that come off and clean it regularly during the process. It is pretty well a permanent process. The cost depending on your area labor rates should be around $200.00
I would call around to a few different places for prices.
On this web site click at the top of the page - actual car information. scroll down about 1/2 way on the right you will see a place [mechanics files]to look for a repair shop. enter your zip code to locate some near you
good luck

I’ve done a bunch of stripped or blown out spark plug thread repairs and the repair makes the spark plug hole much stronger than it ever was to begin with.

I remember when the VW flat 4 was popular in some racing classes and a lot of guys would drill out perfectly good spark plug holes and put heli-coils in all cylinders. The steel threads made changing plugs at the track so much easier.

i’ll bet o’rileys will have an answer for you, do not pay to o much, it is a simple fix

By “rethread the holes” they may be referring to just running a tap through the existing material. This won’t hold. The holes need to be tapped oversize and helicoils or Timeserts installed. If there’s sufficient access to the hole, these operations can be performed without removing the head.

I’ve attached a link to show you the different types of repair kits available.

Ask them exactly what they’re suggesting. A proper repair will be permanent.