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2001 Suburu Legacy blown out spark plug

Hello. I blew out a spark plug. The mechanic said there was a quarter inch of thread left and re-installed the plug but said I might need a helicoil or new head. The car has 120,000 miles on it. If it needs a head is that expensive? I understand the helicoil is reasonable in cost. Time for a new car?

It’s repairable with a Heli-Coil or thread insert and you will not need a new head.

Why was this not repaired instead of reinstalling the spark plug and continuing you to allow driving the car until the remaining threads give up at an inconvenient time; say while trying to beat a freight train at the crossing?

If you end up needing a replacement head it may cost you about $1500 dollars to replace it with parts and labor. I think you are past due for a timimg belt replacement also if that hasn’t been done. There are some other tings that should be replaced also.

The car can go for a lot more miles if you want to keep it. You have to expect some small repairs at least as you go on and you decide to keep it. You also should be able to get a great deal on a new car right now if you want something with a warranty. The new Soobs are nice and there a lot of folks that would purchase your current vehicle.

either way it can be tapped and sleeved. You won’t need a head. Sounds like the spark plug just wasn’t tightened up. Figure out who changed the spark lugs last, blame them. Maybe look at it yourself, he could just be trying to make money in the slow economy times