Glove compartment on 2009 Pontiac Vibe/Toyota Matrix

In a rush, I removed the entire glove compartment when I last changed the cabin air filter. The hydraulic-looking thing with 2 holes on the side was removed as well. I now see how to remove the glove compartment without ripping the whole assembly down. How do I reattach the hydraulic piece to the firewall? The only reference in the Vibe manual is that it has a glove compartment. I just looked up there, with a flashlight, and I see nothing that seems to be removed, or an area to re-attach the hydraulic piece. Yes, I could also be looking for the wrong thing.

Thanks, in advance, for any clues…

Describing things like this in text is a bear. YouTube is your friend.

Hope that gives you a few hints.

As always, thank you so much for this; if it were a snake, it would have enjoyed biting me. I fixed it, I had no idea that another tab was at the bottom, and on the side. Reattached now, but I wonder why I left this undone for several months. I just did a Web search, and found the bottom tap for the hydraulic assembly part.



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