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2003 Pontiac Vibe. Fresh Air/Recirculate Flap Stuck/Not Closing

I just bought this car about a month ago and everything has been working fine until now. Behind the glove box and directly above the Cabin Air Filter is the housing that has a flap that either opens to allow fresh air in or closes to recirculate the air in the car. The problem is when the flap tries to close (positioned toward glove box) is closes, and then opens about 1/4", then closes then opens then closes etc… each time it reopens there is a thud or click or noise. If you push the button to recirculate the air the flap moves to the firewall side of the box and closes, no problem. I rarely use the recirculate air feature, so at this point I have pulled the power to the box with the flap left closed on the fresh air side. I’m not sure what the problem is. My local GM dealer is saying it could be a programming issue or a worn cam in the box and to let them run diagnostics before buying parts. I am going to call my local Toyota dealer next to see what free advice they offer if any. A Vibe is essentially a Toyota Matrix with some minor differences. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

You don’t need a dealer for this. Take your Vibe to a shop that specializes in automotive HVAC systems. They’ll fix it.