How do you release fuel system pressure - 2009 Pontiac Vibe

I am trying to discharge the fuel pressure to change the fuel rail damper. And there are multiple fuses labeled ‘Fuel Injection System’ in the manual. I’m not sure which one to remove or do I remove all of them?

Locate and remove the fuel pump relay and then crank the engine for 10 seconds to relieve the fuel pressure.


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The fuse that powers the fuel pump is located in the driver’s side fuse block, labeled “IGN”, 7.5 amp.

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Should work similar to Tester’s idea above, as long as removing that fuse doesn’t also disable the fuel injection system as well. Fuse removal doesn’t work on my Corolla b/c of the fuel injection issue. I have to remove the fuel pump relay, which is sort of hard to get access to. Repair manual says to just wrap a rag around fuel connection to catch the gasoline when the connection is loosened. It takes a braver person than I am to do it that way. I remove the relay.

Another option, remove electrical connector to fuel pump. May have to remove portion of rear seat to access that connector. Other ideas

  • Also temporarily remove gas cap so there’s no pressure in fuel tank vapor system.
  • Engine should be cold, unused overnight, when working on fuel system.
  • All gasoline safety principles apply, including having a big fire extinguisher you know works readily available.

The relay on this vehicle is integrated into the driver’s side junction block.
The service manual instructs to disconnect the connector from the fuel pump, then to start the engine.

ok. I’m changing out this fuel rail dampener. So after I release the fuel pressure and then disconnect the battery. Can I remove it?