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Glass packs

How to make your glass packs louder

Cut 'em off and run open header pipes.

Turn them around so that the baffles point the opposite direction. I ran my Ford truck like that for a while until I just couldn’t stand how loud it was.

reminds me of the teens who put the fart can on their muffler- - -

I always wonder, why?

Well the common thinking is more sound = more open exhaust = more power. It’s been that way since the dawn of the internal combustion engine. That doesn’t hold true all of the time, of course, but it’s the general thinking.

Back when I was 17 and everyone had glass-pack mufflers on their cars, I heard people talking about pouring oil into them. Supposedly it made the fiberglass mat down so it did not muffle the sound as well.

An electric or cable cutout by-pass. Install a Y pipe after the cat and before the muffler, the install the bypass valve right at the Y. A short stubb of straight pipe exiting just under your door should be loud enough. A simple toggle switch on the dash closes the bypass and runs exhaust back through the muffler when quite is needed.

I always wonder, why?

Same reason as always, some kids think it is cool or gives them more power (which it has not done in the last 25 years). Some kids never grow up. Kids don’t understand respect of others.

And lake pipes. I always liked lake pipes.