Camaro exhaust

what kind of muffler would sound the best on a 91 camaro 3.1 i dont want a flowmaster but i like a glasspacks so what kind of glasspack sounds good on a 3.a camaro?

My choice would be OEM as they tend to be less noisy. But it appears you want noise and don’t mind inflecting it on others. I wonder if the manufacturers could add some speakers and a digital sound that could fill the car interior and still allow it be quiet outside.

lol i like it as lound as it can be inside and out.

Get original Cherry Bomb Glass Packs!!

Disturbing the Peace Since 1968!!

Are cutouts still legal? Were they ever? Cool site carveholic, wish they ad more!

Bummer nothing listed for my car!

what about some thrush glasspacks

Please don’t take this wrong but a quiet one. Don’t be “that guy” If you want to make noise drop in two Kicker L7’s and couple thousand watts. A loud 3.1 will not impress anyone. Not even the guys. A loud stereo will impress your buddies and tick off the public. That is what you really want right. I remember those days. I’m in my 30’s but I get it. Glass packs are junk and you have a 1 in 2 out issue. It’s not worth it.

I had a Thrush on a 69 Buick Skylark, it rotted out in about a year and a half.

Ed B.

I’d advise againt it. It’ll sound like , to quote Clarkson, "The word I’m thinking of starts with an “S” ends with a “T” and it isn’t “suit”. You will be mocked loudly and often with a loud wheezey old V6.

This would be a custom install. Just get a size glass pack that will fit the existing pipe, and have a local muffler shop bend some pipe to fit it and weld it on. It’s done all the time.