2007 Accord key fob

I have forgotten the procedure for using the car’s key fob to lower the windows from outside the car. This feature is great to vent the air in a car thats been sitting in the hot sun all day before you get in.


I’ll bet the owner’s manual has an explanation of this feature, and how to work it from the remote.

But then, who reads the owner’s manual?

C’mom, grampy, look it up.

I’m unfamiliar with this feature, so I too will suggest the owner’s manual.

I checked the manual first. no info on this other than what the keys operate,and how to change the key battery.

I don’t know if it’s a universal thing or not but for some cars if you hold down the unlock button instead of just pushing it, it will unlock the car and roll down at least the driver side window.

Bingo!!! That worked Thanks