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I have been trying to get info on Getty oil and oil filters. Their web site is not helpful at all. Seems like nobody has any info. on them.

I think i might use their products,but i want to make sure i’m putting a quality product in my vehicles. can you guys give me your thoughts?




Any oil with the API and ASE badges is just as good as any other. The same holds true for filters, although we’ve had looooooooooong threads debating this subject. I’ve used discout store oils and filters for 40 years and never worn an engine out even after hundreds of thousands of miles.

There’s a good section on oils at

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Exactly. Assuming you are using the right filter and oil types, then all the products on the market are good enough. By that I mean you will not suffer any loss of live, mileage etc. using those products.

Consider this. Gold is a very good substance for making contacts in a switch. However it is no better in real life functions (with a few exotic exemptions) than good old cheap brass.


Thanks Anon and Joe,
Anon,the web site you supplied was great.
The Getty oil i just bought had a API of SM,and the bottled stated “meets GF-4”.
As you, and Joe said, if it meets the specs. the layman can understand,then so be it. Ditto oil filters as i found out there are so many companys making automotive parts/supplies it can be confusing,especially to me,but i’m more knowledgible now.


No! Gold has very marginal usefulness in electrical switches. It is expensive and tarnishes, making it of dubious value for low voltage, low current switches of lasting performance. Silver-Cadmium oxide is the most common material used in industrial switches.


Pure gold doesn’t tarnish.


I will guess that you found a source of really cheap oil and filters. I used to use the straight 40 WT 76 oil from the 99 cent store. I never would have thought that people would be actively looking for Getty products. I have also used the cheaper line of filters from NAPA (Silverline). Super-tech from Wal-Mart is another possibility. May or may not be good stuff, but you don’t have to look far to find them.


Gold is the standard for high reliability contacts and switching applications. I spent a large part of my adult life working with designs for systems for military aircraft, submarines, cruise and harpoon missiles, and equipment to perform experiments in space.

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