Recently I heard about a “green” oil product. This is their site, http://www.getg.com/, it’s legit as far as you can buy it. My question is, has anyone tried this out? Does it do anything harmful to the engine, anything like helping or hurting mileage? And I can’t seem to find anything about long-term tests. I’m kind of interested in it, but I don’t want to put anything in my car that will hurt my mileage, or worse…

It is an SM rated oil, so it won’t hurt your car. The real cost might be “green disposal”: “Used G-OIL? can be easily disposed of with G-DISPOSOIL?, that converts oil into soil. No more trips to the containment center.” Wonder is G-DISPOSOIL will cost an arm and a leg. Otherwise, I see no advantage over regular branded oil that is recycled by a containment center.

I did some internet searching on this product, since this is the first I heard of it. Apparently this product is a synthetic oil made from tallow (cow fat). As such, it may actually be a proper lubricant.

It may not actually be rated API SM. Its makers offer the promotional message that the oil is suitable for “… engines that require API Service SJ, SL, SM/CD,…” etc. That is not the same as saying the oil is been rated by the API (American Petroleum Institute) or other testing groups.

I love the idea of the product, if all claims turn out to be true. But those of us with newer cars might just want to wait around a bit for someone else to be the guinea pig.

For me…it’s not worth it. My town has a place for used oil at the dump. The town uses this oil to heat 2-3 of the garages…So it all just goes away.

The other problem I have with this oil…is the heavy metals. Even if this oil is as good as any other oil out there…the oil may be biodegradable…but the contaminates aren’t…which include heavy metals. It’s still going to have to be handled as you do other oil because of all the contaminates.

Heavy metal contamination is never a problem in used oil disposal. When environmentalists speak of heavy metals they refer chiefly to cadmium, chromium, mercury, lead, arsenic, and antimony. These metals are not present in measurable quantities in used oil. Some iron and aluminum, maybe copper, may be found, as we expect, but these metals do not concern the environmentalists.

I addition to what Steve said about it may not being SM certified, I have to add that not all SF rated oil is safe for all engines in all cars. Most, made today, but not all.

I love the entrepreneurial spirit in our nation - “Green is Golden”. In our small college town a “green” on a label pretty much guarantees increased sales and business. A few signs I’ve noticed: “Green” candles, “Green” windows, “Green” insulation (I’m a builder and know that only the label was changed on that product). So much is tongue-in-cheek but much money will change hands before it all gets sorted out. Go Green!