Royal Purple

I’ve recently heard a lot of discussion about Royal Purple products and decided to try the engine oil and the transmission fluid. I’d be very interested to hear your slant on these products. Thank you.

I’d be surprised if they had any significant benefit over competing similar products. Except for the color, of course!


Personally I think the act of simply changing oil or transmission fluid on a regular basis with proper spec is about 90-95% of longevity of a component in relation to lubrication. The actual product and its specific properties may contribute the rest.

It’s good stuff…

However I wouldn’t put it any better then any other full synthetic oil out there.

Royal Purple is awfully expensive oil to be pouring into the engine of a Saturn Vue. However, it’s your money and if it makes you feel better, go for it.

Another vote for “save your money”. It’s good oil, but far more than you’ll ever need.

Do you race the Vue, or use it for extended stop and go work, like delivery service? If not, you don’t need a product like that. Any oil on the shelf will be fine as long as you follow the manufacturer’s instructions for changing oil.

I was always amazed that adding a little purple dye to motor oil makes it sell better. I’m sure the people who market it are just as amazed. They have been selling this stuff since the '50’s using the same hype, so the concept is well proven…

Royal Pricing is just a bit outside…reasonable prices.

As to the question of using Royal Purple products(ie; engine oil and trans fluid).By chance I met a man who works for FP&L in charge of all their heavy equip. I asked him about the ‘wisdom’ of using this higher priced product.His response "I can use anything I want to maintain the equipment(which is MY responsibility) so I use the best, I use Royal Purple. For me…game,set, match.

So you sell it?