2007 Ford Focus - Where is my intellectually disabled fuse?



where is the stupid fuse on my focus se 2007 4 speeds whit over drive station wagon


Your manual should have a chart showing where the fuses are and what they relate to . As it is now what stupid fuse you are referring to is a mystery.


As far as I know, there is no fuse to control “stupid” on your car. That task is controlled by the logic function of the driver.


I believe your car has at least 2 fuse boxes

the owner’s manual will show you where they are

if you don’t have one, tell us, and we’ll tell you which website to visit, for an online manual


the maual was«,nt whit the car when I bought it

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What fuse are you looking for and why?


something else ,on my wife’s car’ optra 2004, at 80km/hr, the back starts shaking but it is not regular, do you have an idea what can cause that problem?

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You should be able to download a copy from Ford’s website


First of all it is not really a good idea to have your email address on an open web site. This is mostly a US based site so what ever a Optra vehicle is might remain a mystery . You really need to explain what and why you think you have a fuse problem .


Something is broke, take it to a shop and get it fixed.


go to fleet.ford.com

Scroll to the bottom . . . there you’ll find an owner’s manual link to click on


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As stated; there is no “stupid” fuse’ it is hard wired.