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2007 Ford Focus - Where is my intellectually disabled fuse?

where is the stupid fuse on my focus se 2007 4 speeds whit over drive station wagon

Your manual should have a chart showing where the fuses are and what they relate to . As it is now what stupid fuse you are referring to is a mystery.

As far as I know, there is no fuse to control “stupid” on your car. That task is controlled by the logic function of the driver.


I believe your car has at least 2 fuse boxes

the owner’s manual will show you where they are

if you don’t have one, tell us, and we’ll tell you which website to visit, for an online manual

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the maual was«,nt whit the car when I bought it

Le lun. 1 oct. 2018 Ă  00:30, db4690 a Ă©crit :

What fuse are you looking for and why?

something else ,on my wife’s car’ optra 2004, at 80km/hr, the back starts shaking but it is not regular, do you have an idea what can cause that problem?

Le mar. 2 oct. 2018 à 16:23, martial labbé a écrit :

You should be able to download a copy from Ford’s website

First of all it is not really a good idea to have your email address on an open web site. This is mostly a US based site so what ever a Optra vehicle is might remain a mystery . You really need to explain what and why you think you have a fuse problem .

Something is broke, take it to a shop and get it fixed.

go to

Scroll to the bottom . . . there you’ll find an owner’s manual link to click on

@cdaquila Hey Carolyn, do you want to edit out the OP’s email ?

As stated; there is no “stupid” fuse’ it is hard wired.